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The Refuge

Designing a transitional center for refugees:

Adapting cross-cultural living

Refugees are people, just like us. They live in the country that the wars, persecution, and violence occur. Their safety is at risk and leads to relocation. In case of emergency, refugees will relocate to the refugees camps in the neighboring country or other parts of their country that is safer. Some will be relocated to a new country they have never seen/been before like the United States. That’s how the idea of transitional center started when refugees will live in a cross-cultural environment that comes with challenges. 

I am going to walk you through what I have found in my research and how I respond to the issues or challenges as a designer.


If you are interested in learning more about the project, I have provided here my research paper as well as my full presentation. Thanks!

Samsung Telehealth Kiosk

Stadthalle Boutique Hotel

Sustainable design impact lives

We are transforming a prime corner within the Manhattan Town Center Mall right in the heart of downtown Manhattan into Stadthalle hotel. This location gives us, as designers, opportunities to challenge ourselves with competitive hotels surrounding this area as well as to create a sustainable design that doesn’t have to be away from the city. We have people and the community as our inspiration and motivation to create a design that lasts more than just a lifetime but everlasting. We consider WELL building standards to guide the way we design for people of Manhattan and the environment. Our intention and hope for this hotel is that it will give customers, visitors, and the community a better understanding of a sustainable building and the legacy it will leave to the next generations. We as the designers aim to create a space that educates users about the ease of sustainable and healthy living. There is a preconceived notion that eco-friendly and health centered design or lifestyle choices are expensive, luxurious, and too taxing to become a part of everyday life. By bringing in individuals from the community and visitors of Manhattan, people can be educated and experience the simplistic and relaxed lifestyle of living sustainably, which we hope will become a standard in the future. The individuals that interact with the design begin to form a network of new ideas and inspirations that will spread out as people forge their own path’s around the world. By showing users the ease of sustainable and healthy living, we can foster the current and prospective generations now and push for a better future. 

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Pailyn Schroeder

Seattle, WA