New York city

last spring break of my college career! we got to explore many iconic places and of course took some great photos to remember. i got to taste my new favorite bakery, fabrique's cardamom buns for the first time and it was an absolute dream. enjoy the city that symbolizes freedom and american dreams. stay safe and healthy! 

New England & Albany

Massachusetts & Albany, NY were full of century old architecture and endless history to be told. these photos were taken in the Summer of 2019 as we can see the sunshine and colorful trees.  


If you are a wildcat, you would know we just had our bowl game in Memphis. Unfortunately, we lost. That's okay!  The good news is my husband and I got to spend a few days in Memphis with some friends and geek out over architecture . The crosstown concourse was one of my favorites because of the idea behind it. Read more about this place at the link below. enjoy! 

The Refuge

Designing a transitional center for refugees:

Adapting cross-cultural living

Refugees are people, just like us. They live in the country that the wars, persecution, and violence occur. Their safety is at risk and leads to relocation. In case of emergency, refugees will relocate to the refugees camps in the neighboring country or other parts of their country that is safer. Some will be relocated to a new country they have never seen/been before like the United States. That’s how the idea of transitional center started when refugees will live in a cross-cultural environment that comes with challenges. 

I am going to walk you through what I have found in my research and how I respond to the issues or challenges as a designer.


If you are interested in learning more about the project, I have provided here my research paper as well as my full presentation. Thanks!

From Kansas to South Korea 

The second project of the first semester is done and submitted! We called this project "the kiosk project" because we got to work with students in South Korea as they were trying to design a Samsung Tele-health Kiosk in Kansas City. At the same time, we, KSU students were working on our Samsung Tele-health Kiosk in South Korea! 

Design Challenges: Using metric systems, culture, language in communicating with Korean students

Consideration: Location, Samsung brand, and inspirational architect (Mario Botta) 

What's up this Fall?

IDEC Student Design Competition

Our concept: Bridges

Why bridges?

"A bridge serves to support users as they journey over an obstacle. Here
at Bridges we do the same, offering support to homeless people on
their journey. Bridges offers a safe, supportive environment that treats its
patrons with dignity and connects them with the resources they need to
help them get back on their feet and transition into their new lifestyle."


What we provide: 

  • Pet care

  • Laundry

  • Shower spaces

  • Resources 

    • seeking jobs​

    • mental/physical health

    • other educated opportunities

  • Temporary storage and relaxation spaces


A city of opportunities, a community of diversity. That's how I feel about Seattle. I had a chance to visit this city with a tiny hope to explore a new opportunity after I graduate, yes! a job! I fell in love with what Seattle could offer me; seafood, ocean, mountains, farmers market, architecture, coffee, weather, the list goes on! Here are some photos I took of my weekend trip to Seattle. 

“Learning is not the product of teaching. 

Learning is the product of the activity of learners.”

-John Holt

During our Fall 2018 semester, we got to take a trip to Chicago. We toured the city and visited The Gettys Group, Perkins + Will, the Merchandise Mart, and Chicago Architecture  Center. I left the Windy City feeling inspired, encouraged, and motivated to come back to studio and really just work hard to create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. 

We are transforming a prime corner within the Manhattan Town Center Mall right in the heart of downtown Manhattan into Stadthalle hotel. This location gives us, as designers, opportunities to challenge ourselves with competitive hotels surrounding this area as well as to create a sustainable design that doesn’t have to be away from the city. 

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Pailyn Schroeder

Seattle, WA