Plan It Yourself Wedding!

Hi friends, I have quite a few friends who are going to through the wedding planning season right now. I thought I would put this list together to help you think through some of the things I did to save $$.

1. Thrift your decor! - I thrifted so many pieces from goodwill/facebook marketplace because you know how fast everything adds up, you gotta love $1-5 /piece price point. Things I thrifted: Chalkboards! (the more, the better!!), Vases (for flowers on each table), picture frames, and doilies (yes! perfect for centerpieces under your thrifted vases).

2. Amazon! - You can't beat the shipping, trustworthiness, reviews, and the wide range of products! I got to many things from Amazon from eating utensils to vitamins (I took this biotin & I believe it did grow my hair so fast and my nails were so strong!). You might also want to think about hand sanitizers and many face masks for guests!

3. Set your boundary and budget with your vendors - I made it clear to my flower vendor that I would like to stay under $600 for all of my flowers! & my vendor did a great job at giving me what I wanted. If you are in Wichita, KS area, here is her website Her work is pure talent! I admire how she turned her hobby to a career!

Find out what your venue can offer you! Our venue took care of our tablecloths and napkins which were a bit pricey, but so worth it because you didn't have to rent it from someone else and then have to wash & IRON them when you return them your rental. Don't forget about who is going to clean those up for you (parents? friends? yourself?)

4. Write thank you cards for the people who are going to be ushering, standing at the guest book station, helping you set up, bridesmaids, maid of honor, mothers, fathers, officiant, anyone who is involved in making your day special! We asked a lot of our friends to help us with those tasks. It is so important to not forget those people, I know everyone says 'it's your day, you can do whatever you want', while that is true, it can also make you feel like you are floating a little bit. Be nice and have a good attitude, show appreciation!! What we did was writing thank you notes and we thought it would be fun to add a little gift card in there for like $10 chick-fil-a, or $10 Freddy's. Our friends obviously didn't say yes to help for the gift cards but it's the little effort to show our appreciation to them :) *I am saying this for you to buy my cards, but for real, show appreciation for those who help you!*

5. Wedding Program and other day of stationery - friends, I have to say I failed at ordering the right number for the wedding programs and day-of stationery. ALWAYS BUY LESS than you think!

Yes, even though I now own a stationery company, I didn't do my own wedding stationery because I know I will spend countless hours on them and recognize that you can have others help you with that. With COVID 19, I wonder if you would be able to do your wedding programs online! Just like when you go to a restaurant and they asked that you scan the QR Code to see their menu! I would like to even say that you can do that yourself with a PDF file and plug it in to a software that generates QR Code! Explore and do some research on that because you can save so much money! I would also like to say that you want some physical copies as well to take some photos of, to keep, and for those who are not quite tech junkie like others/those who prefer paper.

Enjoy! I hope this list can help you plan your wedding! It is doable and it is a teamwork thing so don't hesitate to ask your bridesmaids, moms, aunts, cousins, friends to help you! They would be happy to help you!! :)


Pailyn Schroeder

Seattle, WA