Back To School or Not?

Can I be honest with you? I am not sure if students are going to school or not! I have seen so many news and social media posts discussing if students should be back in the classroom. I feel like everything changes so fast and so extreme. This year is the first year ever that I am not in school! I just graduated from college and have transitioned to a post grad life. I cannot imagine what it is like to go to school without sitting right next to a friend, or living in the dorm without the whole floor being so wild. I have gathered some of the essentials for college both in general and in this new normal we are in. You can just click on the link and shop! That easy :)

The Essential Essential

I LOVE Nuun immunity tablets. You just drop one in a glass of water and wait for it to dissolve! I love the blueberry flavor a lot! I think this is what keeps me healthy from all of the flights I have taken the past 3-4 months and just living in the red zone like Seattle!

College Essentials

I cannot help but to add these Sapphire cards in here! I remembered how much I love writing letters to friends, coworkers, family, boyfriend (at the time), and just about anyone. It will make a difference in your life and others, TRUST ME :) I also added a few art prints and map designs here!

Love these rolling laundry baskets!


My motto was less stuff on the ground and if you can hang anything at all, hang it up on the wall, closet, bathroom door, etc! This keeps the clutter off of the ground and make your space look 10 times more organized.


It's no secret that college students love cozy vibe and there's no better way to make it cozy without some string lights or warmer lights!


Coffee? Always! I didn't start drinking coffee until college! I would also say try to make your own coffee, and save $ from going to a coffee shop. & who wouldn't like a cute and aesthetically pleasing microwave?


In my opinion, a white noise machine was a good investment! I wish I would have had that from day 1!


I cannot express how much I love these PILOT G2 pens! Must have!


I feel like this collage is the sum of what "if I didn't learn anything from college', this is what I learned. (LOL) It is no joke about college/high school fashion. It's real and it's going to make you want one!


I hope one or two of these items will be just what you are looking for! I have either used, owned, or wanted these products when I was in college or even now! Hope you enjoy!!


Pailyn Schroeder

Seattle, WA